The first funeral home of North-East of Italy

The Prosdocimo Funeral Home was created to respond to the needs of those
who wish to accompany their loved ones with dignity,  respecting all religions and traditions.

Prosdocimo Funeral Home is an intimate home that offers, with its attentive and experienced staff,
all the support, consulting and services essential for the farewell.

Prosdocimo Funeral Home: the last farewell, as if it were at home.


With kindness and professionalism, our staff will welcome you in this new home,
created to receive your loved ones and give them the final farewell.

Intimate Halls

There are four intimate halls, each with their private mortuary chamber.
These halls are very private places where relatives and friends can gather and be close to the loved one.

Hall of Farewell

We have created a comfortable space in which to celebrate, in the most personal way,
the last farewell ceremony with family, relatives and friends, or a memorial service,
an intimate occasion even when the casket or urn are not present.

Additional services

Next to the hall of farewell we have placed the bar with vending machines for hot and cold drinks.
There is an area for children . For our customers there is also a meeting room . The entire Funeral Home is equipped with Wi - Fi.
We have a large car park and an outdoor area dedicated to smokers .