The company was founded back in 1938 by Antonio Prosdocimo and continued by Iginio who retired in 2003.

In 1978, Mario, son of Iginio, and his wife Raffaella establish the headquarters in Aviano maintaining the agencies in Pordenone: in Piazza Ospedale Vecchio and Via San Quirino.

The company is associated with F.E.N.I.O.F. (National Federation of mortuary companies). In the federation Mario is the National Council since 1993 and has signed a Code of Conduct to regulate and improve the ethics of undertakers.

The company is also subject to verification in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9002 and was qualified with the F.E.N.I.O.F. Quality Mark.

In 2010 the company has consolidated the active collaboration of Alessandro Prosdocimo, son of Mario, constituting the new organization of society

The Staff

Through the years the company has become the market's point of reference. and has been enriched by competent collaborators. Currently employs 15 people that support with knowledge, professionalism, sensitivity, fairness the task they've been asked to perform.


PORDENONE, Via del Turco. The PROSDOCIMO FUNERAL HOME is where we offer to the families, we are privileged to serve, a valid alternative the the cold hospital and cemeteries morgues and where we created a place in which to celebrate your loved one with dignity in the full respect of the plurality of faiths . This funeral home will be friendly, able to give hospitality to many people and able to provide innovative services for grieving.

AVIANO: the logistical base of the company, with a 2.000 square meters building situated in the industrial area of the town.
It houses the company car fleet, the laboratory for the assembly of gravestones and marble processing Toghether with the offices it offers a wide exhibition of funeral accessories and tombstones.