Cremation provides the incineration by burning the body and the collection of the resulting ashes in
an urn.

The urns containing the ashes can be placed:

  • in the cemetary
  • kept at home
  • scattered: in private areas, cemetary areas used for this purpose or in nature.

Regional Law 12, dated 21-10-2011, outlines the procedures for the detention and the scattering of ashes. Currently, in the Friuli Venezia-Giulia Region, it is possible to keep a deceased person’s ashes at home, in a secure location. It is also possible to scatter the ashes, with prior consent from the muncipality where you reside, by indicating the location and manner this will occur. Scattering of ashes must have been authorized by the deceased when in life and stated in a will. Regarding the detention of ashes at home, an authorization from the municipality of your town is needed. It is useful to know that these ashes must be stored with the proper documentation (authorization issued by the city of competence) and that the keeper is liable for loss, theft, tampering and can be criminally charged with “contempt of a corpse” and may include imprisonment..

Ashes are mortal remains and can be placed in niches or in family graves adjacent to other bodies. The municipality where the death occurred is required to accomplish the registration of death, and on request of a family member, issue the death certificate. The municipality of residence of the deceased will later receive notification of death from the city where the death occurred and may also issue a death certificate.

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