Rest in memories

The social app to remember your beloved

Keep alive the memory of your deceased loved ones thanks to R.I.M., our app that will allow you to create a "Memorial", that is the card of a deceased loved one.


You and your contact can share contents in the Memorial, you can post your thoughts and images in the loving memory of the deceased.

Mail of condolence

A completely free service, which guarantees those who cannot be present (also due to the immediacy of execution of the funeral) the safe delivery of a message of condolence. The message will be delivered directly to family members. .

A gesture made even

more effective when written on a paper support, always welcome in these situations.

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Administrative processing of authorizations and permissions

  • Complete assistance for administrative processing of authorizations and permissions required.
  • Assistance for exhumation and extumulation practices.
  • Funeral insurance.
  • Inheritance consultant Available by appointments each Wednesday from 8,30 to 12,3, am.
  • Survivors benefits practicesService offered in collaboration with the trade union
    always available by appointment every Monday morning from 8.30 to 12.30 am at our Funeral Home


We have the opportunity to facilitate the funeral costs with customized financing in terms of amount and duration.

The loan is intended as complete and inclusive of all the accessory charges of the funeral (e.g. marble furnishings, flowers, etc.), even without paying down payments.

Together with our credit institution we can propose the best interest rate in proportion to the duration and amount financed.

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Any type of Cerimony

We are able to organize any type of ceremony, laic or religious, of any creed or form, thanks to the continuous professional training that has always seen us present in the various fields studies.


The Funeral Home has two farewell rooms with a large outdoor garden, and we are enable to offer a catering service if required. The rooms are also equipped with a control room that allows us to offer streaming viewing of the ceremonies.


Cremation involves incineration by means of combustion and the collection of ashes in a special urn.

The urns containing the ashes can be:

  • buried in the cemetery
  • kept at the home
  • scattered in any area of ​​the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in compliance with certain regulatory requirements

The L.R. of 21 October 2011, n. 12 outlines the procedures for the detention and the scattering of the ashes. Up to now in Friuli Venezia-Giulia it is possible to keep the ashes of a deceased at your home, in a safe place. It is also possible to scatter the ashes subject to the authorization of the Municipalities of death and residence which indicate the possible places and methods.

As regards the detention of the ashes at your home, it is useful to know that these ashes must be kept together with the documentation (authorization issued by the competent Municipality) and that the responsibility in case of loss, theft, tampering is criminally attributed to the "Crime of cadaver" and provides for very severe penalties.

The ashes are mortal remains and therefore can be placed in niches or family tombs adjacent to other buried caskets. The death certificate is issued by the Municipality where the death occurred, and register the death. The municipality of residence of the deceased will subsequently receive notification of the death and will also be able to issue death certificates.

We have a wide range of urns to suit your preferences.

Funeral art

Planning family graves and tombstones
Customization with specific and artistical details

Our partners:

  • Caggiati Matthews
  • Pilla
  • Strassacker
  • Bertolotti
  • GI.L.MA.
  • Dalle Nogare
  • Bertelli
  • LP Photo Color
  • Graphistudio
  • Mevisto
  • Scacf
  • Ceabis

Funeral transport

Since ever our funeral company provides national and international transportation thanks to the professionalism and experience of our drivers.

We organize both trasportation to and from any location worldwide.

We rely the most serious airport companies able to supply the necessary assistance for transportation by air.

From ashes a LifeGem diamond

Endless memories and unique moments transformed in the form of a lasting stone that will last for generations. A particular sign of memory that you can always carry with you.

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Floreal orders

We take care of the flower ordering service.

In addition to carrying out the service for the family of the deceased, we are able to accept orders throughout the day.

We make any kind of floral composition, from the simplest bouquet, to the most particular and personalized compositions.

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Photo books

The indelible memory of your loved ones enclosed in an album, which thanks to photography, will always remain alive over time.

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Multilingual support

Our staff is at your disposal to accommodate your requests and give you support in this difficult time even in your native language. We provide support in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Romanian
  • Albanian

Fido Memory

Funeral services for your animal friends

We are aware that there is a strong bond between us and our animals and because they have such an important role in our lives, we offer a service dedicate to them in order to give them a proper interment

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Repatriate from and for foreign countries

We offer support in the repatriation of the body to the country of origin, we coordinate and organize as soon as timely the transport and the necessary documentation, guaranteeing relief to the family members of the extinct loved one.